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Salsa Luzern:

Welcome to everybody!

SALSA LUZERN - Official website of Central Switzerland's Salsa dancers.

Enter from here directly to the passionate world of Salsa. Happiness, new contacts, great
experiences and a lot of fun are waiting for you.

Salsa Luzern: If you are looking for a Salsa dance school in Luzern, then you have found
the right place. Here, you will learn to dance Salsa in a very short time. Come and be
pleasantly surprised.

Salsa Luzern: The whole world of Salsa dancing under one roof!

On our Salsa Luzern website, you will find extensive information about Salsa in Luzern,
the true Salsa history and about Salsamania Salsa Luzern and their successful Salsa
workshops and Salsa evening classes.

We will show you the right option for private Salsa classes, for private Salsa courses for
groups as well as for the free Salsa Luzern beginner lesson and the recommendable
Salsa Lady Style course. Furthermore, you will hear all about our upcoming big
Salsa Luzern events and our next Salsa party in Luzern, as well as everything about the new
Salsa Lausanne dance school.

And of course, we are pleased to show all Salsa singles in Luzern, Zug, Obwalden,
Nidwalden, Aarau, Uri, Schwyz etc. the right way to find a suitable Salsa dance partner.

Now, have fun discovering the website of Central Switzerland's largest Salsa family!

Looking for Salsa Luzern, Salsa Zug, Baar, Salsa Stans, Rotkreuz, Salsa Schwyz,
Salsa Sursee, Willisau, or Salsa Horw, Ebikon, Emmenbrücke, Salsa Olten, Salsa Aarau,
Kriens, Salsa Uri, Brunnen, Cham or Salsa Sarnen. Everyone is welcome!

We go along with you!

Your Salsa Luzern Team