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Salsa Questions



Do you have questions about the Salsa course or the enrolment in Salsamania?
Here, we have collected the most frequently asked questions. If you donít find the answer to your question, the best option is to contact Salsamania directly and they will be pleased to help you.


I donít have a dance partner. Can I still inscribe for a class in Salsamania?

Of course! Many participants donít have a dance partner and come alone to the Salsa class. Salsamania guarantees a dance partner to a 100%, meaning that there is always a balanced number of men and women in a Salsa course.
So, if you enrol alone, Salsamania will organise a suitable dance partner for you.


Iíve already visited Salsa classes in the ĄxyzĒ schoolÖ How do I know on which level I can enrol in Salsamania?

Many students change from other Salsa schools to Salsamania. The best way is to book a private lesson and the qualified dance teacher will evaluate the right course level for you.


What clothes should I wear for the Salsa class?

Salsamania doesnít have any rules regarding clothes. You should be able to move easily and you should also calculate that it can get quiet warm dancing Salsa. But the most important point is that you feel comfortable, because itís your free time you spend in Salsamania!


Do I need special shoes?

No! The first Salsa courses you can make in normal shoes, just a rubber sole or sandals without a good support are unfavourable. As soon as you decide to carry on with Salsa as a hobby for a longer term, special dance shoes may be a good investment.


How old are the participants in the Salsamania Salsa courses?

Salsamania doesnít know the age of the new participants in advance. But, due to experience, they can say that their students cover all ages between 16 and 75 years. Salsa brings more quality of life for all and is not limited to a certain age group.


Of how many pairs consists a Salsamania course?

Thatís variable. Depending on course level and course type, the number of participants varies. But, Salsamania minds that there is always enough space for all pairs and that all pairs can be attended individually.


I/We donít have any previous knowledge! What should we do?

No problem. The Salsamania beginner courses are REAL beginner courses, meaning you really donít need any previous knowledge.
Salsamania knows that the worry about a humiliation, especially for men, is a decisive point for the shy attitude when it comes to dancing. For this reason, Salsamania starts from the very beginning and introduces you easily, step by step, into the art of Salsa! Salsamania dance school really cares about that point!


We always get into quarrels! Whatís wrong?

Donít panic! Dancing sometimes causes fights, especially if one partner in a pair has much more previous knowledge then the other one. Remember that a lot depends on the day and that on some days it just doesnít work out. Thatís normal and shouldnít worry you and your dance partner.
If you often get into arguments, a short conversation with the dance teacher may be helpful. Does the woman let herself lead? Does the man give the right leading impulses? Do you maybe dance in different rhythms? The dance teacher can clear all those questions directly with you. Just ask him, for example, in the break or before class. A Salsa dance course is only fun when both partner dance together as a team.


Can I visit a trial lesson in Salsamania?

Yes, thatís possible. Salsamania, regularly, offers free trial lessons. In this lesson, you get a good introduction into Salsa dancing and a ďsurvivalĒ package for future Salsa dancers. Current dates you find in the course programme.


Is it possible to take private lessons in Salsamania?

Of course. Salsamania will be pleased to teach you Salsa with private lessons. Further information you can find onr


We are a group and would like to take a Salsa course just for us. Is it possible?

Thatís no problem. Salsamania will be pleased to make you an individual offer and find the ideal solution for your private Salsa class. Contact Salsamania via e-mail, phone or personally.


How can I enrol in Salsamania?

You can book your course with one of these easy ways:

  • Phone to 041 280 98 50
  • E-mail to
  • Go online and fill in the form
  • Write to: Salsamania Salsa School, Rankhofstrasse 3, 6006 Luzern
  • Or visit them personally, so you can already have a look at the attractive rooms and meet the Salsamania team.


How long in advance should I enrol in Salsamania?

The earlier, the better.
Technically, itís still possible on the day the course starts. But, please, take into consideration the following points:

  • Salsamania courses are often booked out. Therefore, itís recommendable to enrol in advance, especially if you are not so flexible with days and hours.
  • In case you don’t have a dance partner: Salsamania is pleased to organise a suitable dance partner for everybody. You can contribute with a timely enrolment.


How do I pay my Salsamania course?

The course fee is paid cash on the first course day/evening.


Can I switch to another day or course if I canít visit a lesson?

Of course. Salsamania works with the rule that you have the right to use the hours you have paid for.
The lessons you canít visit and have cancelled timely can be repeated 30 minutes before the next lesson or in another course of the current or next course period. Please talk with the dance teacher to agree your favourite solution.


Do the classes also take place on bank holidays or during vacation?

On bank holidays and during school vacation, the Salsa classes will take place as usual, unless there is mentioned something in the course programme. For participants who canít visit these classes, Salsamania will find an individual solution.


Can I cancel without costs a Salsa course Iíve already booked?

Yes, up to 3 days before the course starts, a cancellation without costs is possible. If you cancel later, you have to pay the complete course fee for reservation and organisation - or you can place a substitute participant.
In case you need to cancel or interrupt your Salsa course due to health reasons, Salsamania will credit your course fee for a later Salsa course after presentation of a medical confirmation.


Does the dance teacher have time for questions, inputs and wishes before and after class?

Of course! In the Salsamania courses you get a personal and individual teaching. Therefore, the class times are planned in a manner that there is always time for questions or a conversation. Also in the break, the dance teacher will be there for you!


Which dances will I learn in a Salsamania course?

Salsamania teaches Salsa Puerto Rican Style, Salsa Cuban Style, Rueda. Plus, you will learn to dance Bachata and Merengue.

More detailed information about the course contents you will find on the Salsamania webseite.