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Dear friends, dear visitors,

The Salsamania Family is:

Love for Salsa…
and an inspiration for many…

It is a real pleasure to present you the wonderful Salsa Luzern Family:

Click on the photos to read the student’s comments!

Prisca: SALSAMANIA lights the fire of passion in every one of us.
Pascal: SALSAMANIA is the best thing far and wide; you dive into another world full of movement and vitality!
Fabian: Sometimes, I come to the Salsa Family with a head ache after a hard working day. After the class, the pains are gone. Conclusion: Salsamania is the best medicine for me.
Corina: Every time I go home after the Salsa class, I’m very happy. The Salsa Luzern Family is the best thing in the world for me! It was a lucky chance that I found the Salsa Family.
Christoph: I recommend Salsamania to everybody, because they were able to teach to dance even to an inflexible, unmusical and tactless person like me, and this with joy and passion!
Dragana: You think you can’t dance? I recommend you the Salsa Luzern Family,
because in Salsamania, miracles are possible!!!

The Salsamania Family members have one thing in common: their love for Salsa.
It is fascinating to see them dance and to feel how they enjoy the music.
They are wonderful people, who live the Salsa feeling and pass on their enthusiasm to other people.

When you once saw the Salsa-Luzern Family live, you sure want to see more.