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Salsa Holiday

Salsa Luzern


Where Salsa dancing becomes an experience…

In a warm-hearted atmosphere, you will meet nice people who share your enthusiasm. The Salsa Luzern Salsamania dance school offers you a comfortable way to relax from daily life and get away from it all.

You immerse into a world full of happiness and passion and experience, with the hot rhythms and movements of Latin America, a bit of holidays in the middle of everyday life; an experience after which you will go home happy and with new energy.

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„Salsamania, congratulations! You have worked miracles with my husband and made possible what I didn’t achieve in 21 years: He can dance Salsa now. They should build a statue for you on Schwanenplatz!“ ODALYS „In Salsamania, you dance with the heart and not with the feet.“ SANDRA

„In Salsamania, you experience the original Salsa feeling. The classes cover the essential parts and the details and you get perfect support. Everyone can learn to dance in Salsamania, even if you are not a dance genius; and, at the same time, you keep feeling relaxed“. PHILIPP „I recommend Salsamania to everybody, because it’s „the best“. The classes are a lot of fun, you make a lot of progress and everything is very professional.“ CLAUDIA

„I was surprised that I could already dance after 45 minutes of class! The teaching in Salsamania is very professional and easy going at the same time.“ IRENE „In Salsamania, you learn that dancing Salsa is like a piece of art, that you work on until it expresses the right thing. Here, you really dance Salsa with heart and soul!“ NOEMI

„Salsamania is the best dance school. The teaching method is perfect in every aspect.“ STEFAN „The Latin American spirit lives between the walls of Salsamania. Here, I got transmitted the joy of Salsa.“ MONIKA

„Salsamania is exactly what I expect of a Salsa dance school. The turns and combinations are explained in detail. It’s a lot of fun and you learn professionally and in a short time to dance Salsa.“ CORINNE „I’m enthusiastic about Salsamania. Here you get transmitted „Salsa as a feeling“, and everybody can learn to dance Salsa. It’s the best Salsa school in the area.” JOE

„Salsamania is pure Latino feeling! Salsamania is a place to unwind and relax, a place to have fun.“ SABRINA „You can feel the Latin American spirit in Salsamania. The classes are lively, happy and open-minded. After the class you always go home happy.“ SANDRA

„Here in Salsamania, you learn Salsa correctly, they show you everything step by step, even the little things. A real dance feeling arises and you have fun from the beginning.“ MICHI „I recommend Salsamania because it’s the best course to learn Salsa.” HEIDI

„Salsamania is unique! You can feel the happiness in the air and there is a personal, family-like connection.“ CORINNE „Salsamania spreads a South American atmosphere. I recommend it to everybody, because you learn to dance Salsa in only 6 lessons and you feel like in holidays.“ PATRICK

“Dancing in Salsamania is real fun! The teachers have a lot of experience, they pass it on with talent and the classes are intensive, with heart and joy.“ ALEX „In Salsamania you experience Salsa like in the South. The teaching is great, easy-going and happy, and everybody can learn to dance Salsa.“ ANJA

Dear Salsa dancers of Central Switzerland
A big thank you for such nice compliments!

Your Salsamania Team