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100% happiness!

The aim of the Salsamania Salsa Luzern dance school is to pass on to its students the energy and the passion you develop and feel in Salsa dancing. Besides beautiful turn combinations and step variations, Salsamania transmits the spirit of Salsa dancing- and that’s exactly what Salsa is about.

With a lot of fun and energetic movements, the students will discover a completely new feeling, a feeling that will accompany them all life long.

Because- dancing Salsa in Salsamania Salsa Luzern is an experience that has changed many lives.

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You want to learn successfully to dance Salsa?

Did you catch the Salsa fever? And want to learn Salsa as soon as possible?

Or you always wanted to dance Salsa and are looking for the right Salsa school?

No problem!


In Salsamania you will get Salsa in its original form…

The Salsamania dance school is the specialist for Salsa and well-known for the fact that everybody can learn successfully to dance Salsa with them.

The classes are based on a high didactic level and inspire everyone, beginners and advanced dancers. All instruction elements are shown structured and precise and the students get transmitted, step by step, a solid basis, which always puts fun and happiness in the first place.

An excellent teaching team is waiting for you and, from the first day on, you will experience the fascinating world of Salsa dancing.

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In Salsamania you learn everything a Salsa dancer needs

Salsamania Salsa Luzern dance school stands for highest quality and the love for details. They care about the individual coaching of all students, about the correct execution and an optimal, balanced consideration of all elements, so that you learn to dance Salsa right.

Different effective exercises support the student’s body posture and movement, coordination and the feeling for music and rhythm. Besides that, you learn the exact technique of the steps and turns, so you can dance the combinations with every Salsa dance partner.

Important points in class are:

> how to lead the woman safe and correct
> how to follow the partner lightly
> how to enter to the dance floor without worry
> how to interpret the music
> how to move with style and elegance…and

Salsamania goes one step further… Besides these class contents, they focus the harmony between the Salsa dancers and the music, so everybody can float smoothly and easily over the dance floor.

The students experience how to enjoy the Salsa music and the dance with the partner and, finally, how to put a smile on the partner’s face.

The Salsamania Salsa school Luzern offers the perfect basis for unlimited fun on the dance floor!

In Salsamania you will spend beautiful, memorable moments!

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