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Here, we will inform you about our upcoming big
Salsa events and Salsa parties in Luzern, about
Salsa news and Salsa club.

Dear Salsa students,

We know that you can’t wait to jump to the Salsamania dance floor
and move your hips. But there are a few things you need to
know before you can start the Salsa experience:

  The 10 Salsa rules of Salsamania
1. Have fun!
2. Share your joy with other people!
3. The man leads (and as a gentleman, he treats the lady like a princess)
4. The lady follows (and lets the man lead; but of course, dear ladies, only on the dance floor)
5. Follow the beat and feel the music; because only then, everything can flow
6. Stay cool; because only then, you can enjoy the great experience
7. Don’t forget charming eye contact and of course a smile
8. Respect the other dancers, nobody waits for being attacked by feet and elbows
9. Salsa is not a show; therefore, dance with passion for you and your dance partner
10. And respect always, but always, the 1st and 2nd rule!

Your Salsamania Team